Volunteer Opportunities

Can I volunteer with NAFODU?

Yes. You can volunteer with NAFODU by participating in its programs or activities.

What kind of volunteer work is available?

Volunteers can work on various programs for the Civic Education, Advocacy and Lobbying, Election Monitoring and Voter Education, Strengthening of the Multiparty, Human Rights Education and Advocacy, Conflict Resolution, Institutional Capacity Enhancement and Corruption Prevention and Awareness.

Do I need to be from Uganda?

No, volunteers come from all over the world. To volunteer in Uganda you just need to be eligible for a visa to enter Uganda.

What age do you have to be to volunteer?

Volunteers must be 18 years old unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. There is no age limit, but volunteers do have to be in good health.

Is there any time of the year when I can't volunteer?

Volunteers are able to participate in NAFODU programs all year round.

When will I know specific details on the placement?

The specific details of your placement are determined during orientation. You will consult with the programs manager for NAFODU so that requests and specific needs can be met with regards to both the volunteer and the needs of the community.

Where will I be located?

NAFODU Implements programs and Projects in south western Uganda.

Tell me more about flying into Uganda?

Volunteers will fly into Entebbe Uganda or Kigali in Rwanda and will be met at the airport on arrival.

What is the criterion for volunteers to be accepted into the program?

Each applicant is considered by the information they provide to NAFODU. If further information is required applicants will be emailed to request this. We also look further at your application as to skills and experience specifically related to the programs you have applied to. We look at volunteer experiences, travel experience and also your particular interest in the program to make our decision.

Do I need to speak English to volunteer?

Yes, you need to speak English to volunteer. You may have English as your first or second language. Uganda's two main languages are English and Swahili. Unless you are hopelessly lost in the bush somewhere, you will probably be able to find someone who speaks English.


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