From now on our potential donors can make online donations for NAFODU by visiting:

  1. If they want to make a donation in US-Dollars, or
  2. If they want to make a donation in Euros

To make a donation online is relatively simple and self-explanatory; the necessary steps when using the VAD are pretty intuitive. Hence these following explanations for a donor are just for illustration or in case of doubt.

When decided what amount to donate;

  1. Click on the button ‘Checkout’ right below the virtual shopping cart. The VAD returns with the next screen that shows, amongst others, the button ‘Donate Now’. Click on this field.
  2. The next page asks to fill out your contact information. At the field to select the state, scroll down to ‘Unlisted’ in case you do not live in the USA. In next field ‘Country’ select where you (the donor) lives.
  3. Two lines further below is the place for your instruction ‘Please send my donation to:’ In this field, please scroll down to the organization: ‘Uganda - NAFODU (National Foundation for Human Rights)’ and click on this name. It will now appear highlighted.
  4. Complete the other inputs about with your credit card data as well.
  5. Finally click on ‘Donate Now’ at the bottom of this page. The system returns with all data you have entered, and two buttons at the bottom of the page. One is ‘Reset’. Click this field in case you want to go back and change anything.
  6. Finally click on ‘Donate now’ if everything is correct. It is important to click this very last ‘Donate Now’! Otherwise the donation will not be processed. That procedure is necessary to make sure the donor sees at the end what was input and what will go into the donation system.


The National Foundation for Democracy and Human Rights in Uganda (NAFODU) is a civic non-partisan, not profit-making, non-governmental organization, registered under the Non-Governmental Organization Registration statute of Uganda.

Our Address

Plot 6 Bwankosya Road, Associations House
P.O. Box 977 - Kabale (Western Uganda)
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: +256-758-286755