Our Programs

Human Rights and Good Governance Program

NAFODU organizes a series of activities aimed at raising the level of human Rights awareness and practice among the citizens of Uganda and beyond. NAFODU uses a series of radio programs to raise awareness on human rights, organizes training for Community leaders focusing on human rights education, monitoring, and advocacy. NAFODU organizes human rights monitoring meetings, press updates, conferences and statements to supplement its human rights education and advocacy efforts.

NAFODU supports Community Based Organizations/ Associations with small grants to implement small-scale Human Rights, Democracy, and Good Governance Projects. Projects may include Capacity Building (Training their members in human rights, Fundraising and Resource Mobilization, Building Network, advocacy and other activities that can contribute to the achievement of NAFODU Mission  

Research and Advocacy

Research and Advocacy are cross-cutting in all of NAFODU’s programs. All programs of Human Rights and Good Governance, Youth Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Justice and Peace, and Community Media, are carried out along an element of researching and advocating for attitudinal & cultural change.

Press updates, conferences and statements, aim to engage the public and ensure citizens informed participation in decision-making processes.

Justice and Peace Program

In order to devise peaceful conflict resolution and management mechanisms at all levels of society, NAFODU under this program implements activities for Peaceful Resolution of Land conflicts and Peace Education. NAFODU establishes local networks of Peace Promoters in Communities where its activities take place. Under this program, Community Volunteers are mobilized and trained in Civil Conflict Resolution, Peace Promotion, and Animation.

NAFODU supports Human Rights and Peace Groups with grants that Support small-scale community projects in the protection and promotion of children and women’s rights. NAFODU organize Round Tables to mobilize citizens against Illegal land evictions and violence in communities arising out of land disputes. NAFODU produces and broadcasts radio programs directed towards stimulating public discourse on a culture of peace. NAFODU produces IEC materials on peacebuilding.

Community Media Program

This program aims at promoting freedom of expression and safety of journalists Uganda and beyond. While recognizing that the problems facing independent media are complex and interlinked this program directly support marginalized and ethnic communities to express their views and interests through active participation in media broadcasting. This program involves training citizen journalists and actively involving them in community broadcasting.  

This program is building the capacity of communities to advocate for their rights in general (not only the right to freedom of expression), strengthen independent media networks and bolster media diversity. The program involves training Radio Producers and Presenters to implement a community learning program focused on participatory and interactive engagement with community members, as well as empowering poor populations, especially women and girls, to exercise freedom of expression and opinion, and be heard in the public debate. NAFODU organizes safety training courses for journalists who are regularly covering news events that put them at risk and danger. NAFODU supports the establishment of networks/coalitions of Journalists. This provides opportunities for Journalists to network and avoids possible threats and risks. NAFODU organizes training workshops for officials from state authorities on safety and protection of Journalists. NAFODU organizes training workshops for Community leaders on safety and protection of Journalists.

NAFODU provides small grants to journalists and Media Associations working in rural communities of Uganda. Grants for Media Associations are for the Capacity-building while grants to individual journalists are for buying equipment like cameras, recording devices, bulletproof jackets, bulletproof Helmets, Computers and Mobile phones.  NAFODU provides relocation grants to threatened journalists plans to establish a safety Fund for Journalists.

Women Empowerment Program

The main aim of the program is to empower Women to participate in political and decision-making processes. Through the Women Empowerment Program, NAFODU Supports Women’s Community Based Organizations with small grants to implement projects and activities that build the capacity of women, enhance their social, economic and political participation as well as advancing their rights.

 NAFODU firmly believes that credible women leaders capable of advancing women agenda in Uganda exist in various segments of society, not solely those already currently engaged in political party activities. Recognizing this and understanding that women’s participation and empowerment is crucial, NAFODU supports women to acquire the needed skills to more effectively participate in political and Decision-making processes

Youth Empowerment Program

This Program is intended to promote Political, Social and Economic Empowerment of Youth.  NAFODU is working in close collaboration with a number of partners implementing several activities all aimed at youth empowerment. Under this program, NAFODU aims at increasing the economic productivity of youths in the community; and improve their livelihoods through sustainable income-generating activities. It involves providing entrepreneurship development and capacity building activities to the youths in the community; rehabilitating youths involved in prostitution, drug abuse; and preventing others from engaging in such risky behaviors.

Key Program activities include providing small grants to Youth Associations and groups. Small-scale projects that are supported by grants from NAFODU aims at empowering disadvantaged youth in market-oriented technical, entrepreneurial and managerial skills, confidence building and empowering skills necessary to improve their access to productive resources and sustainable earning potential.  Grants are used to Promoting Youth Political Participation. Even though people below the age of 25 constitute more than half of the population in Uganda, young people participate less than older citizens in most formal political processes, such as elections. This challenges the representativeness of the political system and leads to the disenfranchisement of young citizens. It can also reinforce stereotypes that treat young people as disinterested in political issues, as objects of social policy or as troublemakers. Grants to Youth groups are aimed at promoting youth political participation and are centered mainly on motivating youth to vote and prevent youth from resorting to political violence.


The National Foundation for Democracy and Human Rights in Uganda (NAFODU) is a civic non-partisan, not profit-making, non-governmental organization, registered under the Non-Governmental Organization Registration statute of Uganda.

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